RED combines long and worldwide experiences in the fields of research, education, and building design as well as pedagogical design - in a fruitful composition.

The mission of RED focuses on the support of Sustainable Development and Peace by research, education, and design. Multidisciplinary collaboration and co-operation has a central place in the work of RED.

There is an expertise in both, design of educational and training programs of all kinds - including interactive multimedia, CD-ROM-s, and knowledge transfer as well as design in the area of healthy and environmentally-conscious or sustainable architecture and building technology.

The necessary pioneering research has already a tradition going back to the middle of the sixties of the last century. The results are available for RED by personal experiences, especially concerning Sustainable Building.

Furthermore there is capability to coach teamwork, individually tailored, by the Method Holistic Participation (MHP), based on more than hundred successfully held workshops – with different expert groups and in many countries. Several divisions of the Province of Noord-Brabant belong to those groups.

Recently there were, amongst others, various works done for the European and Global Network of Organisations for Environmentally-Conscious and Healthy Building (shortly ECOHB), for the Harmonious World Award, the Eindhoven University of Technology, for organisations and private clients.

RED is prepared to advise, to co-operate and to execute creatively those tasks which are – in the need of border-crossing research and design – either to educate or to fulfil the request for Housing in the most broad sense of its meaning in a commitment with Sustainable Development and Peace.